H2O Life Solutions City Sistem AE v2

City Water

Our city water system offers, through one (1) treatment tank placed on the outside of the house, the necessary elements for an adequate and optimal water treatment through 4 steps that guarantee high quality consumption.
a) Filtering: the presence of Gravel provides a deeper and more uniform filtration, thereby achieving the retention of suspended particles in the water.
b) Conditions: by means of the KDF, it is a system of granules of high purity of copper-zin, It helps to reduce iron, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, chromium, among others.
c) Purifies: this is achieved through Active Carbon, this Retains chlorine, eliminating the smell and taste of this chemical in the water.
d) Softens: through Ionized Resin, it retains the iron particles generating a softening and softening action in the water through an ion exchange generating the elimination of heavy metals.

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