H2O Reverse Osmosis rd-s

Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)

Our systems for both city water and well water are accompanied by a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system that is placed inside the house, specifically under the kitchen dishwasher, which comes to reinforce Total and 100% the external water treatment process, guaranteeing families that the water they will consume and use for washing and cooking their food is of a totally purified quality, even better than any bottled water they can buy. in the shop. This is accomplished through our 6-step R.O.
The steps that characterize our R.O are made up of 6 membranes that give the water a special treatment guaranteeing its total purification.

First, the tap water passes through a 5 micron sediment filter made from a high quality polypropylene fabric. This filter has a high number of open micro-pores, which allow an especially effective absorption of impurities on the entire surface: sand, silt, oxide particles and any suspended impurities.

It is a high quality granulated carbon membrane, which has a special large pore surface whose mission is to remove chlorine particles, odors, flavors, phenol and other organic pollutants from tap water. In this way an excellent taste of the water is achieved.

This activated carbon dust membrane has a very rough surface, with many tiny chambers and channels, which manage to reduce or eliminate chlorine particles, pesticides and all kinds of organic impurities that could be harmful to the body.

The fourth phase of the is carried out by a complementary reverse osmosis membrane, which is capable of eliminating 97% of all the elements dissolved in the water. This consists of a series of special layers of permeate, exerts a pressure on the water from a less concentrated solution to a more saline solution to balance the concentrations of microns, causing the separation of the water from any contaminant which is settled in the internal membranes, allowing the water that comes out of said process to be totally free of any contaminant.

The fifth phase consists of the presence of an additional alkaline membrane, which additionally has made the pH level of the water to 7.2 stand out, thereby placing it in an ideal alkalinity condition beneficial to health, providing essential minerals to the water for consumption.

In the last stage, a post filter, which contains a granulated activated carbon of vegetable origin, filters the water stored in the reserve tank, ensuring a pleasant and stimulating flavor.

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