Water from Well

Our well water system offers through two (2) treatment tanks and a special disinfection equipment placed on the outside of the house, the necessary elements for a proper and optimal water treatment through 3 basic actions.
a) Tank 1: through its chemical elements, it performs a work of conditioning the water eliminating the bad smell of Hydrogen Sulfide present in the water. With this action, the water that will enter the house will be completely colorless.
b) Tank 2: by means of a special mixture of minerals, an integral work of filtering and softening the water is carried out, thus achieving that the water that is going to enter the house is free of heavy metals and of an ideal transparency for its use.

c) External UV Light: with this unit, the total disinfection of water entering the house is guaranteed, since it is possible to eliminate all the bacteria and microbes present in the water.
H2O Life Solutions Sistema Pozo v2

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